Sunday, 2 August 2015

Quick And Easy Successful Product Launch Event Management

Companies make many latest products periodically to increase sales of the company. Companies should come up with latest product to survive cut-throat competition in the market with their competitors otherwise company would end up with loss. Keeping this thing in mind many companies act very innovative way to make products that help them to survive in the market. Every company plans latest products that’s meet the expectations of the people in the market. Keeping the demand and taste’s of people in the mind companies come up with product that amuse customers and induce them to buy.

This is how they make attempts to meet the demand of the customers and to survive competition. It takes a lot of time for a company to produce new products. It takes a lot of time, hard work, dedication, research to produce new product. This is obvious to every company in the market. Every manufacturing company, Software Company, finance based companies and banks. When it comes to Software Company they come up with latest software, for banking sector they come up with new method of banking, for manufacturing company they come up with new product. This proves that every company be it product based or service based company they have to meet this challenge.

According to expert market launching new product in the market is very important; it needs extensive publicity to let people about the new product that is going to be in the market soon. Launching a product is one important task for the company. If company fails in launching the product in successful way then they will fail to achieve sales they wanted ultimately making the newly launched product a flop. Below points explain how to launch a product in successful way.

Event Management Professionals: Company must rely on event management professionals for launching new product of the company because they are experts in launching a product in successful way.

Product launch: Hiring professionals for product launch event management Company should spend money for product launch event. They should organize this event by inviting ad company executives and other clients. Inviting famous personality like a politician, celebrity or a minister can help of lot for successful product launch. This way company can attract all patrons from different classes.

Captions: Caption for a product plays a vital role in attracting patrons, with help of experts and professional company must give caption to their new product. All these should be done during product launch event. This will for sure work in favour of the company by attracting all kinds of people.

Prelaunch Analysis: Prelaunch analysis means understanding the importance of product launch. By analyzing market requirement you must plan product launch, this way your product launch event would be grand success and eventually company can acquire more pre orders than expected. It is always advised to take professionals help to make product launch event a grand success

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Event Marketing - Make Any Marketing Dollar Count

Make every marketing dollar count by getting your message into the hands and budgets of your best prospects. Advanstar's Event Marketing Services division provides you with specific, highly-effective tools to pinpoint and penetrate your targeted audience.

Classified/Recruitment Advertising

Classified advertising is an inexpensive way to promote products and services or deliver special announcements to thousands of industry professionals. Flexible display options provide a choice of ad sizes to fit any message and budget. Specific category headings make it easy for readers to locate your message and act upon it quickly.


Advanstar lists allow you to target the purchasers and decision makers in a specific market. Our complete database sources enable you to customize your message, personalize your correspondence and capture the attention of your most influential audience. Use Advanstar's customized lists for your next marketing, direct mail, research or sales program.

Current/Back Issues and Film/Fiche

To purchase Film/Fiche or any Current Single Copy or Back Issue of an Advanstar publication, please call 1-800-346-0085 ext. 139. You can also call the numbers above if you would like us to mail a copy of our Periodical Subscription Catalog. This Catalog lists prices for any Current Single Copy, Back Issue and Subscription to any Advanstar publication.


Custom advertising and editorial reprints provide you with a simple, yet professional and cost effective means of spreading your marketing message. Whether you seek to inform, introduce, influence or instruct, reprints complement a variety of educational, promotional, public relations or marketing programs. Custom components can be added to make reprints more targeted and effective.

Card Decks

You can't make responding any easier for your audience than with Advanstar's card decks. We'll prepare and print your message, package and polyseal it and direct mail it to the key decision makers on our subscription lists. Each card is self-contained, featuring your ad copy on one side and your business reply address on the other. Leads are mailed directly to you for immediate follow-up. A perfect way to generate sales leads, distribute special offers, test product ideas or price points and more.


Comprehensive reference sources are the backbone of business-to-business marketing. Advanstar's directories and buyers guides offer complete database sources for both frequent and infrequent users. We produce the industry's most comprehensive reference guides to products and people. Directories offer versatile advertising options designed to help you maximize year round exposure. Advanstar's directories offer many great opportunities to cost-effectively reach industry decision makers when they're ready to buy.

Books/Custom Publishing

Advanstar's Book and Custom Publishing Group creates market specific titles as well as customized products. Our market specific titles include books, manuals, source guides, handbooks, videos and CD products. These various titles are used as educational and resourceful reference tools. Our custom published products can include any of the above as well as sales and direct mail pieces, supplements to in-house Advanstar publications, or any other advertising piece that is tailored to your specific marketing needs.

Pocket Survival Guides

 Pocket Survival Guide is a valuable tool for your clients to use to reach their audience and showcase their product at a meeting or convention. The Guide provides attendees with quick and easy access to key information about sponsored events and products, the meeting, and about the convention city. It will enhance your clients marketing efforts with increased booth traffic by constantly displaying their product, and by promoting their special event. It is designed to fit conveniently into a coat pocket or handbag.